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Welcome to T R A N S-UNITE ♥


I founded this group because I realized there were no Active/Super Groups for all trans-sexual/gendered groups out there on DA. Let alone one that provided up to date information! So here it is! The very first trans group for ALL transsexuals/genders out there! Even if you aren't Trans yourself but is a bold supporter of us! Please feel free to join as well. c: [Scroll down to read more]

1/18/11: I've come to a realization that all my members here are starting to become like my children to me. I really have a strive to make sure that everyone's story is heard here & answered! I want everyone that leaves here to feel happy and refreshed about who they are and the long, hard road it took to even get there! If anyone needs someone to talk to when know one else will, I am here and will do everything in my power to help! Feel free to note me personally for any concern. ♥

Sincerely, The Founder <3

Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 2, 2011


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149 Members
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☆Our Responsibilities☆
Any questions/concerns not addressed in the F.A.Q/Rules, feel free to note the Co-Founder/Contributors.!c:

The Founder
I am the creator of this group but duty calls for my chosen career path in the animation industry for games & films. I am working my butt off, in school and at home too prepare for the long run. I could not bare too delete this group since DA is in need of a place for all Trans people and their supporters! Please, send all your thanks too the new Co-Founder for being the new Co-Owner while I am away. ~

The Co-Founder
While the Founder is busy with preparing for his life long career, I was given the honor too run the group in his place & I took up on that offer. If you have any questions/concerns, please note me. It might take AWHILE for the Founder too respond too your note.

The Contributors
My duty is to help out around the group as an extra aid for the Founder; Accepting/Declining Memberships, Making sure deviations are in the appropriate folders,replying to comments, etc. But I do need to remain active in order to continue being a Contributor.~








~Your group does not have to be Trans related at all to become an Affiliate.
Simply send me a request & I will gladly accept only if I am to become an Affiliate of your group as well.♡

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:iconsissyfanny: <---SissyFanny is TRANS-UNITES new Co-Owner! Sissy will be basically the Owner in my place but the group still will remain under my Ownership. Even though I'm not leaving the group, I will not have the time too fully manage the group as much as I'd like too. My career path is with the animation industry with games & films. I plan too work not only in America but overseas as well on many different projects ranging from different age groups. While I still have passion for the Trans community and their supporters, Art is my life & Animation has been my lover since I first saw a moving piece of art on a television screen. So, instead of deleting this group or having too leave it too rote(which I never wanted too happen), I appointed SissyFanny as the new Owner while I am on leave! Sissy has been a dedicated member & contributor back when this group first started and I have never once seen him not do a job he said he was going too do. I am sorry I was not able too bring the fullest of my abilities too this group, despite me expectations being so high for it. But I know that Sissy will not fail me and that all my members are loyal enough too stay around during this transaction. I would like too personally like too thank every single one of you for making this group what is even is today! It would of gotten nowhere without my lovely members, that is the truth! Just know that even if my leave is temporary or for quite some time. I will be around keeping my eye on things even if you don't hear from me for awhile. If you have any questions/concerns please send your notes too the Co-Founder; SissyFanny or one of our Contributors! It has been wonderful and I wish you all the best! (: I love you.

Much Love & Deepest Gratitude,
Dominique Bordeaux
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Fenxus Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Student General Artist
Since his group seems a lil inactive and i rly need to get in contact with others...


I'm a person at 17 years that's for the moment questioning if I'm really feeling happy with the feminine body I was born with. When I look myself in the mirror, I can't see myself liking the body I have now and would rather have a flat chest and a shlong (And beard, I totally love beards and mustaches, idk why), but at the same time I always get angry when someone's accidentally called me "he" and "him". I'm so confused right now.

So I'd really want to talk with some other people that's maybe thinking the same or possibly has gone a few steps further. I don't think it matter's whether you're going from FTM or MTF or even to something else/inbetween, since I just wish to share thoughts and feelings with someone and I don't think they differ that much. 

I hope someone's willing to hep me out ^^
(1 Reply)
SchattenspielRex Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love if this could be shared in this group somehow? It'd mean a ton to him for sure-…
Miistical Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Student Writer
Excuse me, if you don't mind, could you answer a few questions of mine? I'm writing a story where a character is a Transgender Woman and how she explains to her younger sister that some people don't like that she is trans. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me any information of the transition with hormone therapy?

I've tried looking it up online, but I could never get a solid answer on what it was like or if it is different for everyone (and I'm assuming the latter).
Sunny-X-Ray Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello my dears, I want something ask you.
An artist
(FTM transgender) tries to get some money for his top surgery.
Maybe it's possible to do an little signal boost for him here?

Here the link to the orignal post:…
Swim2theSun Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here but I'd like to invite people to come visit my blog where I talk about Gender and Sexuality issues

thanks so much~
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